Atandi: Kenyans should expect very little from 2021/22 Budget

A man uses a cart to transport drums used to make jikos and other items in the jua-kali sector. [File, Standard]

Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi has told Kenyans not to expect much from the 2021/2022 budget saying the government, just like in past financial years will not meet its revenue target.

The MP said the Sh3.6 trillion budget read in Parliament on June 10 by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yattani is only good for PR, but the implementation will be less than 60 per cent.

Kenyans should not expect any miracle from this budget because the government itself is not sure of where and how it will re-engineer our revenue bases,” he said.

Atandi cited the last financial year, where Parliament was forced to do two supplementary budgets one coming two weeks to the 2021/22 Budget, but still, the government failed to achieve much in terms of implementation.

“In CDF allocation, we have a deficit of Sh13 billion out of Sh41 billion allocated in the just concluded financial year which is less than 60 per cent in terms of implementation,” he said.

Addressing the media in Kisumu on Thursday, Atandi challenged the National Treasury to come up with measures that can help the government attain its revenue targets.

The legislator cited the failure by CS Yattani to allocate money to the trade and export sector which he said has the potential to re-engineer the country’s revenue base.

“The trading sector which has the potential to generate revenues directly and through the foreign exchange has missed out in the budget,” he added.

Atandi who is a member of the Budget and Appropriation Committee in the National Assembly faulted the government for failing to deal with revenue leakages despite projecting to collect more every financial year.

The lawmaker also said they will oppose attempts by the National Treasury to tax bread and other basic commodities.

“If you see the CS trying to increase tax on bread, it is a clear sign that the government has run out of options, but MPs will resist it.”

Nyanza region

He said with the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be impossible for the government to generate the projected Sh2.03 trillion projected revenues to finance the budget.

“Companies are laying off, SMEs are struggling and we are approaching the 2022 General Election, it will be impossible to raise Sh2.034 trillion,” said Atandi.

He said Nyanza region received little from the budget apart from some stalled projects in the road and energy sectors that have received allocations.

“Nothing much for us in this budget, but there are many stalled projects in the region which we want the government to revive and complete.”

He called on the government to implement the Koru-Soin Dam to create employment, deal with perennial floods in the region and generate energy.

He, however, hailed the road sector and energy sectors, saying the funds will help in the completion of road projects and an installation of a power line transmission to address the rampant power outages.

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