Blog: Treasury CS Ukur Yatani unveils Sh3.6 trillion 2021/22 Budget Blog: Treasury CS Ukur Yatani unveils Sh3.6 trillion 2021/22 Budget

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani will today afternoon present the Sh3.6 trillion budget to a nation crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. This is the second budget since the onset of the pandemic, the last full year for President Uhuru Kenyatta and the most uninspiring with no answers for the current tough times.

Kenyans will be waiting for reassurance that the stringent measures put in place to contain the invisible enemy, as coronavirus disease has come to be known, are paying fruit.

Yatani will be pleading with taxpayers to freely pay their taxes to fund new measures to consolidate the economic gains made since March 2020.

The Exchequer has set itself an arduous target of collecting more than a trillion shillings in taxes by the end of June next year. This is very ambitious given the fact that the taxman has been missing targets.

He will also need to assuage public fears over the growing debt burden to allow him to borrow close to Sh1.6 trillion so as to plug a budget hole that will be left due to total spending exceeding total tax collection

A chronology of the events will be updated here.


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