Davido accused of assaulting bouncer days after condemning police brutality

Davido accused of assaulting bouncer days after condemning police brutality

Davido has been accused of assaulting a bouncer. Photo: Courtesy.

Nigerian singer Davido has been called out for allegedly beating up a bouncer at an Abuja night club days after he led protests against police brutality in Nigeria. According to the disc jockey identified as Dj TTB, the music star and his entourage attacked the said bouncer who was only trying to do his job on October 13, 2020.

“@davidoofficial you can’t be claiming you’re fighting for the youths while same night (Tuesday night) you and your thugs re beating up a bouncer in an Abuja lounge just for doing his job. Be very careful bro we go change am for you the next time you try that s***,” he wrote.

“The bouncer is in a very bad condition now, bleeding from ears and nose,” he said.

According to reports, a Nigerian lady only identified as Miss Lawani seconded the claims, adding that she witnessed the incident.  Though the lady didn’t mention Davido’s name, her narration goes in line with another fan’s post that accused Davido of beating up a bouncer.

“I witnessed one of the most popular artists in Nigeria beat up a bouncer with 10 of his guys and I just stood there in shock. I wish I could have done something to make them stop,” she wrote.

According to the lady, she wept when she got home as she remembered how helpless the said bouncer was.

“Please tell me what’s the difference between him and the so-called SARS he claims he’s fighting against?” the lady added.


The allegations come just days after the Blow My Mind singer joined the  End SARS protests, to end police brutality in Nigeria. The social movement started after a video of a man being killed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad surfaced.

Davido also championed the release of some of the protesters who were arrested. He went on to address why the SARS needs to be disbanded writing: “Amidst it all. We must not forget the reasons we are protesting; we must not forget the peaceful manner of the protests and we must most certainly not back down until our demands are met! You either live for something or you die for nothing. SARS ending is a great start but the task is far from completed! Now let’s end police brutality as a whole!”

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