The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited is engaged in the transmission, distribution and retail of electricity purchased in bulk from Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) and Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO). The Company’s segments include Nairobi, Mount Kenya, Coast and West Kenya. The Company owns and operates the electricity transmission and distribution systems. The Company operates in Nairobi North, Nairobi South, Nairobi West, Coast, North Eastern, North Rift, Central Rift, Western and South Nyanza. In the transmission and distribution network, it constructed approximately 8,690 kilometers of medium voltage and approximately 4,770 kilometers low voltage lines. Its completed projects include approximately 50 new and upgraded substations and a total of approximately 9,030 kilometers of new high and medium voltage power lines across the country.


Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd

Stima Plaza, Kolobot Road, Parklands,

P.O. Box 30099




+254 20221251


+254 20337351


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