CIC Insurance Group Limited is a provider of insurance and other financial services within and without the Kenyan boarders. The Company operates through three business segments, general insurance business, long term insurance business and other business, and two geographical segments in Kenya, Sudan and Mauritius. The Long term insurance business comprises the underwriting of risks relating to death of an insured person, and includes contracts subject to the payment of premiums for a long term dependent on the termination or continuance of life of an insured person. The General insurance relates to all other categories of insurance business written by it and is analyzed into several sub-classes of business based on the nature of assumed risks. The Other business segment comprises non-insurance related businesses. Its products include CIC Motor Commercial Plus, CIC Academia Plan, CIC Equity Fund, CIC Annuity Plan, CIC Jijenge Savings, CIC Jipange Pension Plan and CIC Medisure-Family.


CIC Insurance Group Ltd

CIC Plaza, Mara Road, Upper Hill




+254 202823000


Total Shares Outstanding

Shareholding Informations

Shareholder Holdings(%)
Cooperative Bank of Kenya 35.71
Co-operative Bank Savings & Credit Society Ltd 9.63
K-Unity Savings & Credit Co-operative Society 3.21
Harambee Co-operative Savings & Credit Society ltd 1.81
Embu Farmers Savings & Credit Co-Operative Society 1.78
Others Local and International Investors 52.14
Total 100

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