Pan African Insurance Holdings Limited is a Kenya-based company, which underwrites life and non-life insurance risks, such as those associated with death, disability, credit protection, mortgage protection and property protection, through its subsidiaries, Pan Africa Life Assurance Limited and Gateway Insurance Company Limited. The Company’s segments include the ordinary life insurance segment, which offers individual life insurance products; the superannuation segment, which deals with group insurance schemes; the short term insurance segment, which offers general insurance products, and the investments segment, which provides investment management services. The Company also issues a diversified portfolio of investment contracts to provide its customers with asset management solutions for their savings and retirement needs. The Company’s business lines include life business, general business and asset management business.


Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Ltd

Pan Africa Life House

1st Floor, Kenyatta Avenue,

P.O Box 44041




+254 202781000


+254 202217675


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