Olympia Capital Holdings Limited is an investment holding company. The Company’s primary investments are in companies dealing in the manufacture and sale of products used in the construction industry, such as floor tiles, adhesives, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (u-PVC), windows and door frames, and cleaning chemicals, as well as fire prevention equipment, water pumps and real estate. Its subsidiaries include Avon Rubber Company (Kenya) Limited, Olympia Capital Corporation (Pty) Limited, Mather and Platt (Kenya) Limited and Dunlop Industries Limited. Mather and Platt (Kenya) Limited is a fire and mechanical engineering contracting company, as well as a distributor of pumps. Mather and Platt (Kenya) Limited offers various services, such as fire protection, contracting, training and other services. Mather and Platt (Kenya) Limited’s products include fire fighting equipment and systems, and mechanical engineering systems and installations.


Olympia Capital Holdings Ltd

Addis Ababa Road Off Enterprise Road

Industrial Area

P.O. Box 30102




+254 20552681


+254 203517138

Total Shares Outstanding : 40,000,000

Shareholding Information

Shareholder Holdings(%)
Dunlop Properties Limited 18.79
Paul Wanderi Ndungu 11.53
Karen Enterprises Limited 9.83
First Ten Limited 5.90
CFC Stanbic Nominees (K) Limited Acc: R48703 4.75
CFC Stanbic Nominees (K) Limited Acc: R48704 3.10
Joel Kamau Kibe 2.37
Scottlink Limited 2.21
Michael Maina Matu 1.71
Investments & Mortgages Nominees Limited Acc: 028950 1.57
Eliud Matu Wamae 1.55
Mobicom Kenya Limited 1.12
CFC Stanbic Nominees (K) Limited Acc: R48702 1.05
CFC Stanbic Nominees (K) Limited Acc: R48701 1.05
Croxley Properties Ltd A/c 693448 1.00
Others 32.51
Total 100

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