Nairobi Securities Exchange Limited is the securities exchange of Kenya that offers an automated platform for the listing and trading of multiple securities. The Company promotes, develops, supports and carries on the business of a securities exchange and discharges all the functions of a securities exchange. Its segments include Cash equities and interest rate market, Derivatives, Interest income and Other income. The Cash equities and interest rate market segment includes equities and bond trading fees, annual listing fees, and application and additional listing fees. Its Derivatives income segment comprises of income earned from futures trading. The Other income segment includes broker back office income, rental income, data fees and other incomes. The Interest income segment includes held to maturity investments, such as interest on treasury bonds, corporate bonds and term deposits. Its products include Exchange Traded Funds, Financial and Commodity Derivatives and Carbon Credits.


Nairobi Securities Exchange Ltd

55 Westlands Road,,

P O Box 43633




+254 202831000


+254 202224200


Total Shares Outstanding : 194,625,000 

Shareholding Information (2016 Data)

Shareholding Holdings(%)
Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE002374 16.09
Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE22446 5.66
CFC Stanbic Nominees Ltd A/C NR1030823 4.14
CFC Stanbic Nominees Ltd A/C NR1030824 3.53
Investor Compensation Fund Board 3.37
The Permanent Secretary to the Treasury 3.37
Dyer & Blair Investment Bank 2.70
Nyaga Stockbrokers Limited 2.70
Shah Munge & Partners Limited 2.70
Discount Securities Limited 2.70
Francis Thuo & Partners Limited 2.70
ABC Capital Limited 2.70
Old Mutual Securities Limited 2.70
NIC Securities Limited 2.70
Faida Investment Bank Limited 2.70
Kingdom Securities Limited 2.70
Renaissance Capital (Kenya) Limited 2.70
Sterling Investment Bank Limited 2.70
Standard Chartered Kenya Nominees Ltd A/C KE002012 1.96
Standard Chartered Nominees Non-resident A/C 9661 1.74
Others 27.74
Total 100

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