Carbacid Investments Limited is an investment and holding company. The principal activities of the Company’s primary subsidiary, Carbacid (CO2) Limited, are mining and sale of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and investments. The Company operates through two segments: Trading and Investments. The Company’s products and services include food grade CO2, industrial CO2, medical CO2, dry ice, and cylinder testing and validation. It produces food grade CO2 for the beverage and brewery industries. It supplies compressed CO2 for industrial uses, including metal inert gas (MIG) welding and fire extinguisher applications. Its services under cylinder testing and validation include internal cleaning and drying of cylinders, and external dry ice blasting and painting. The Company supplies its products to countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Zambia, Southern Sudan and Somaliland. Its subsidiaries include Goodison Twenty Nine Limited and Goodison Forty Seven Limited.


Carbacid Investments Ltd

1st Floor, Empress Plaza, Sarit Centre,

Jalaram Road / Ring Road Parklands,

Westlands, P O Box 764




Total Shares Outstanding : 254,851,985

Shareholding Information (31 July 2016)

Shareholder Holdings(%)
Mrs A B Patel & Mr B C Patel 30.41
Leverton Limited 9.36
Kivuli Limited 5.83
Miss T I Friedman 4.42
Mr J M Wanjigi 2.29
Standard Chartered Nominees A/C 9230 2.27
Cfc Stanbic Nominees Limited A/C NR1031010 1.68
Mrs B C Kampf 1.58
Mr Peter Kingori Mwangi 1.09
R B Robson (Deceased) 0.95
Total 100

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