Eveready East Africa Limited is a supplier of portable power solutions in East Africa. The Company is engaged in selling of imported Eveready dry cells D size batteries in East Africa and trading in an assortment of imported Eveready and Energizer flashlights, batteries, Schick razors, accessories and Turbo car batteries. Its products include EVEREADY, Energizer, Schick, Turbo, Piano and Lighting Collection. The Company distributes EVEREADY dry cell D size and size A carbon zinc primary batteries. The Company also offers ENERGIZER alkaline and rechargeable batteries throughout the East Africa region and also provides flashlights under both brand names for a spectrum of usage and shaving razors, blades and accessories under brand name, SCHICK. The Company provides the TURBO brand of automotive batteries. In addition, the Company offers PIANO range of writing instruments, as well as the EVEREADY range of luminaries. The Company also provides the CLOROX brand of household bleach.


EVEREADY East Africa Ltd

MCFL Logistics Centre

1st Floor, Mombasa Road,

P.O. Box 44765




+254 202980000


+254 20343213



Total Shares Outstanding : 22,730,043

Shareholding Information

Shareholder Holdings(%)
Energizer International Inc. 97.06
Navin Raichand Haria 0.66
Abdulrasul Ismail Thawer 0.44
Saroj Gulabchandrajpal Shah 0.15
Pritee Narendra Shah & Narendra Pethraj Shah 0.13
Roger Alandainty 0.10
Steven Georgesmith 0.08
Rakeshkashyap 0.07
Seraphimkykkotis 0.06
Taban Loliyong Iburaimumbi 0.06
Others -685 1.18
Total 100

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