Mumias Sugar Company Limited is engaged in the production and sale of sugar and ethanol, and the generation and sale of electricity. The Company’s products include sugar, ethanol and electric power. The Company’s ethanol project produces extra neutral spirit for alcohol production and Technical alcohol (Ta) for industrial use. The Company produces power through bagasse co-generation project. The Company has the capacity to produce 34 megawatts (MW) of electricity with 26 megawatts supplied to the National grid. The Company’s production processes comprise cane development, sugar processing, packaging process and electric power generation. The Company provides three sugar brands through distributors, which include the brown, white and fortified sugar in a range of packaging units. The Company also engages in water production through the Mumias Sprinkles brand, which is available in approximately 300 milliliters, 500 milliliters and 1,000 milliliters.


Mumias Sugar Company Ltd

Mumias District, Western Province, Bag

P. O Box Private




+254 56641620


+254 56641234


Total Shares Outstanding : 1,530,000,000

Shareholding Information

Shareholder Holdings(%)
Permanent Secretary, Treasury 30.00
Kenya Commercial Bank Limited 1.72
Standard Chartered Nominees Non-Resd. A/C 9894 1.70
The Jubilee Insurance Company Limited 1.46
Standard Chartered Nominee Account KE 14353 0.95
Abdul Karim Charturbhai Popat 0.94
Baloobhai Chhotabhai Patel 0.92
Standard Chartered Nominees A/C 9098 AC 0.66
Pradeep Patani 0.59
Standard Chartered Nominees Non Resd A/C 9573 AC 0.58
Others 70.48
Total 100

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