How social media is contributing to breakups in relationships

How social media is contributing to breakups in relationships

How social media is contributing to breakups.

Social media today comes with a lot of advantages. I mean, a few years back, who knew one would use WhatsApp to make money? Social media has created a community of buyers and sellers, and people are making money at the comfort of their home, whether you have a marketing course or not. Besides adding monetary value, it has made it easier to reunite with once upon a time classmate, homie, friend, and so on. How could I forget we met on Facebook, Instagram, and now we are happily married? These kinds of relationships always wow me cause it’s not every day people meet their significant other on social media.

On the flip side of social media relationships is the rate at which the same social media is the root of some of the breakups and divorces. You know the couple goals thing, too much pressure, involving third parties, sexting. Today let’s get down to how social media ruin relationships.


What do I mean by texting? Texting has become our way of solving issues, arguments, disappointments, and all. What happened to meeting up and talking about our problems? So much body language is lost via texts because you can’t read the other person’s emotions, and most probably, you’ll not understand their concerns. Ever had a scenario of texting one thing and the recipient understanding something else? People will simply break up because one person misunderstood the text. Not forgetting the ‘blue ticks,’ almost everyone is a blue tick victim, and this has caused so many breakups in the name of the other person is ignoring me, chatting with their other lover, and all those negative vibes you get from blue ticks. Why would you blue tick your partner? Say you’re busy or something and save your relationship.

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#couplegoals/ comparison/competition

My understanding of couple goals is a couple that inspires you, one that you can learn and take relationship advice from, and they show you the good, bad, and ugly sides of a relationship. #couplegoals have become more of a competition, show off, and comparison. Let’s face it; no one posts their failures, ugly side. Social media posts are always filtered, and this has created pressure on some partners to get and fit in the couple’s goals hashtag, which has led to the death of many relationships. When it comes to relationships, do your thing and create your own couple goals.

Cheating tool

Check people out, send or follow requests, and gently slide in the DM and delete the messages later. Social media has created a void for partners to flirt and sex text with other people and the heart wrecking part is that they don’t view that as cheating since there isn’t any physical touch. As long as you are deleting texts, hiding your phone, you are cheating, and eventually, it will cost you your relationship.

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Too much time on social media

Social media has partially separated us from the real world that we have lost touch with family time. What happened to sharing about our day’s highlights when we got home? We find most people on their phones chatting and spoon on the one hand.  

Social media has come in handy when catching up with friends, purchasing stuff, and catching up with your favorite blogger. Still, too much phone time will create jealousy and mistrust between you and your spouse, and this will cause issues in your relationship.

Posts, likes & comments

Lately, posting your partner is proof that you love them, but is it? Some relationships have gone down the drain fast cause one partner disagrees with the posting as proof of love, and others want their privacy respected. Posting too much about your relationship isn’t a brilliant thing to do since it invites third party voice and scrutiny. 

Ever checked whose posts your partner is liking and commenting on? Well, that’s you welcoming jealousy and mistrust into your relationship, and no trust means no connection. Social media can be advantageous if used in the right way and for the right reasons. Save your relationship by filtering your social media activities.

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