Janet Mbugua takes a break from social media citing health issues

Janet Mbugua takes a break from social media citing health issues

Janet Mbugua [Photo: Courtesy]

Former news anchor Janet Mbugua on Tuesday revealed that she would be taking some time off social media due to some health complications. Through a post on Twitter, the InuaDada founder urged netizens to be in touch with their bodies, always looking out for the tiniest triggers.

“Life has a funny way of creeping up on you. One minute you can be up and about enjoying life and all it has to offer and in the next minute, you are on a drip, sipping liquids and not the good kind ????????. As I write this, I now understand more than ever, the importance of being in tune with your body, something I was doing previously and then I let it slip.

“2020 has been a super stressful time for most, so even the tiniest triggers should not be ignored. Life happens to the best of us. The lesson though is to lean in to our bodies and be at our best health always. There’s only one you; look after that person. I’ll be back when I’m back,” she wrote.

In the comments section her friends and former colleagues wished her a quick recovery although she did not reveal what she was ailing from.

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Earlier this year Janet asked Christians to stay away from churches until it was safe to attend services but was crticised by a section of netizens who found fault in her sentiments.

“I’m sorry but Christians claiming they have to physically go to church and those welcoming ‘their flock’ amid all the warnings and directives, are hypocrites. Check yourself. Actually read The Word because I’m pretty sure God speaks about wisdom, honour and obedience throughout. SMH (shaking my head), ” Janet tweeted. Janet’s post did not sit well with a section of online users who lashed out at her for seemingly attacking Christians.

Responding to the tweets, Janet asked that people see the bigger picture and stop downplaying the virus. “Folks trying to justify large gatherings (it’s not just at church, by the way. Night clubs/ social areas too) aren’t thinking of others, only hearing their voices. And if priests live at the Church as their homes, as we’ve seen The Pope do, they can still isolate #noexcuses

“#CoronavirusForDummies- You are not bigger than anyone when it comes to #COVID19. The trolling, defending and excusing will only hurt you. Even a deputy governor isn’t above the law! Read, humble yourself and get educated. Stay at home! Unless absolutely necessary; for emergencies,” she wrote at the time.

Since then, Kenya has made incredible strides as far as combating the virus is concerned and recently, the government reopened bars and nightclubs, although operators were asked to observe the guidelines issued. Churches were also reopened and the capacity has been reviewed with time.

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