Marriage is not about perfection, Terence and Milly Chebby open up on struggles

Marriage is not about perfection, Terence and Milly Chebby open up on struggles

By Davis Muli
26 minutes ago

Terence and his wife Milly Chebby [Photo: Courtesy]

Popular comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby have opened up on their marital struggles, admitting it has not been a walk in the park. The father of three and his wife sat down for an interview with radio host Jalang’o, where they spoke candidly about their relationship.

According to Terence, marriage is about unending forgiveness and for that, he appreciates his wife for sticking by him when he publicly admitted to cheating.

“Let me say something maybe I’ve not said, I really love my wife because she stood by me through whatever I’ve been through. If it was someone else, I would have not told about messing up and questioned what to do because we’re in a union. Marriage is not about perfection but progress. It’s all about support and I thank her,” he said.

Last year, Terence opened up on the cheating scandal, with 19-year-old Anita Soina claiming that the comedian’s wife was aware of everything that happened between them. Terence went on to say that he has made peace with his wife and owned up to his past mistakes.

“Things will always happen in life; the most important thing is to always put your wife in the loop. Mwambie this is your weakness akusaidie because if you don’t do that, you’ll keep on being blackmailed and people will do anything to bring you down,” he added.

According to his wife Milly, she knew about Soina and even warned her to keep off her husband, but she kept on bothering the comedian and blackmailing him.

“I knew about Anita in June and kitu inaniuma I warned her and she kept coming back. I have cried so many times alone with my baby. Anita is doing this because Terence stopped the phone calls and whatever she was doing. It has been two months since this happened, you guys think Anita has been quiet?” she said.

During the interview with Jalang’o, Terence also opened up about his addiction to gambling and drug use which happened when he was an MC in Nairobi. He mentioned two occasions when he gambled away KSh 1.2 million and KSh 650,000 noting he was in a bad place.

“There’s how casinos entice you with drugs when you’re winning and you would not know the time when using the slot machines. When I won KSh 650k, I asked myself ‘How far am I from a million?’ So I went on gambling. I got home with around KSh 2,000,” he said.

He went on to admit that they would have been very prosperous were it not for a gambling incident where he gambled away family’s rent and car money. “I gambled rent, our first car money and our first land money. Those are things I look back and ask God to never (take me back). We would have been very prosperous at the moment if it were not for gambling,” he added.

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